NEWSLETTER 22.05.2014

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to this week’s newsletter –

ETHOS – The whole school have been discussing social norms and rules during thinking time this week.

We have started the Stay Safe Programme this week, as you will have seen in the homework.

OUT AND ABOUT – We are going to No 29 Fitzwilliam Street tomorrow for a tour of a restored Georgian house. On foot as usual. Thankyou to all the parents who will be coming with us.

GALLERY – Please find more photos on the Gallery (Tuesday – Active Schools Week)

DONATIONS – We are appealing for old dress-up costumes and any fancy clothes suitable for our dress-up box – (for the children!) Please send the donations into the class teacher.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT – The Board met on 15th May 2014 and the Principal provided an update regarding enrolment and the school curriculum. The Board reviewed and approved the draft drama policy. The Treasurer provided an update regarding the school finances, and the Board agreed to the appointment of an auditor to certify the accounts, as required. The Board noted the significant levels of parental involvement in a number of activities, in particular the really successful and enjoyable Active Schools Week. Thanks to all! The Board discussed the anticipated school move to Basin Lane and parents will be provided with an update regarding the arrangements shortly when all details have been finalised.

Have a nice weekend.


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