Discover Primary Science and Maths

Discover Primary Science and Maths Award of Excellence is issued to schools who achieve a high standard in teaching and learning in science and maths. The emphasis in the program is on active learning and supports the strong integration between science and the maths curriculum.

Some of the investigations this year have been based on light and sound. The pupils really have enjoyed exploring and learning about these topics. We are also monitoring the weather for signs of spring and recording daily temperatures.

We have achieved this award annually since 2014 to date.

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Canal Way ETNS value the inquisitiveness of our students. Thinking Time enables the students to take part in philosophical discussions where the children attempt to solve fundamental questions about our lives and the world in which we find ourselves.

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Green Schools

We are committed to helping the environment in Canal Way ETNS. Since opening in September 2013 we registered with the Green Flag program and achieved this accreditation for energy conservation, recycling and we are working towards water conservation.

The whole school are involved in maintaining a litter free yard and recycling.

You can find out more about the initiative here:

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Active Schools

At Canal Way ETNS we have placed a strong emphasis on keeping fit and healthy. To support our work we have been accredited with the Active Schools Award Flag.

This has formed links with programs such as ‘Bizzy Breaks’ from the Irish Heart Foundation. We strive to keep children as active as possible during the school day. We are now city famous for our annual and hilarious costumes. We make activities fun and enjoyable.

Canal Way ensures that all children access the PE curriculum and integrate PE with as many other subject areas as possible.

We encourage active travel to and from school.

There are more details about the initiative here:

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Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is a program that takes a preventative approach in helping children to understand the feelings of others. This in turn helps them to develop tolerance and acceptance of difference, thus reducing bullying and aggression. The key to the success of this program is a young infant who comes into their classroom once a month during the school year. The children bond to the baby and experience empathy.

Developed by Mary Gordon, an educator from Toronto, Roots of Empathy has been called Canada’s Olive Branch to the World.

Deirdre, our Additional Needs assistant has been running Roots Of Empathy in one class since 2018, and we are rolling it out to more classes with the help of of parental involvement.

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