NEWSLETTER: 16.05.2014

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Thank you all for participating this week. It really made Active Schools week so special for the whole school community. We are all looking forward to this annual event.  The application form has been emailed so hopefully we will be successful and achieve Active Schools status.

This would not be possible without all your support. Particular thanks to the parents who led the activities on Tuesday and Wednesday; Ross, Tom, Cecylia, Enagh, Cormac, Marie, Irenie, Diana, Jennifer, Mya, Sinead and Dion.

Thanks to our expert football coach Ross who started the week on Monday.  Thank-you to everyone who came to our active disco this morning, especially the parents who led the disco moves. Please email in photos of this event – we were too caught up in the dancing to take any.

Finally … Fiona & Sonja who drove this initiative – Thank-you so much for organising such an amazing week. We have updated our gallery with LOTS of photographs of each day. HAVE A LOOK!

Enjoy the weekend,