Newsletter 11.09.2014

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.

ETHOS – Core Value this month in Friendship. The children will be learning ‘Little Boxes’ at assembly this week.

HOMEWORK – We hope you are enjoying our ‘Active Homework’ initiative. We are really looking forward to hearing from the children over the coming weeks. We will also be looking for feedback from parents after this trial too.

TRANSPORT – We would appreciate it if ye could put scooters into the storage area upon arrival into the school yard. We hope to secure a more accessible area for bikes and scooters in the coming months. Thanks to all for jumping on the bikes and scooters needless to say.

PARENTS ASSOCIATION – Reminder: Meeting on 16th to form the parents association.

JUNIOR INFANTS – Our junior infants will be finishing at 13.10hrs from Monday 15th September. Please pack enough for two lunches. Try to imagine what they would usually eat by 1pm, and keep portions manageable.

MATERIALS MONEY – Please send in outstanding materials money by the end of the month. If anyone has not received a receipt for monies paid, please contact the office. Thankyou

TEACHING AND LEARNING – Our Junior Infants have started their letter sounds this week, they have been sorting in maths and have also done their first painting and PE lessons. One junior infant even brought in a bird’s nest for show and tell. It’s just go, go, go around here, so take it easy on them if they appear tired!

SCHOOL NAME – Our Action Group has been formed, and are meeting soon to explore options for our new name.

GALLERY – We have updated our gallery with photos from around the school. HAVE A LOOK.

Have a great weekend,


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