Newsletter 24/11/2016

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,


PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION – (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) Please email your photographs for the Human Rights Photography Exhibition. We need lots of photos so please send them in before Friday. [email protected]. It should take 5 minutes – use phone, and email straight in.

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in the photographs already.

SONG WRITING – Please send in a final verse for our Human Rights Song. Post box outside my office. Please see below for rhyme & rhythm!


I got rights,

You got rights,

We’ve all got rights,

We’ve all got rights.


Gotta have a home

gotta be well fed

Have a place to learn

And rest your head


Gotta have a name

Clean water to drink

Safe place to play

And medicine


SELF EXPRESSION DAY: Is taking place on Wednesday 30th of November we have all been working hard on learning about Human Rights and the day will be about celebrating and reflecting on these rights. For this day we will be dressing up as ourselves and celebrating our individuality.

STAFFING: We would like to welcome Simon and Aaron to our staff. Simon is our First Class teacher, and Aaron is our resource teacher. It is great to welcome to the team at Canal Way.


THANKS – to the Jakubowski family from our school, who have kindly made furniture for the school. We received really fantastic shelving units, desks and drawers which are a great addition to the building. for more information on the company that made the furniture for us.

Reminder: Our Winter family fun day is taking place on 4th of December from 2- 4pm in the school.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our families who are celebrating today,

Have a nice weekend,


Kind Regards,