Hello from Dermot

We had an online assembly this morning. We made provision for all of our community to attend, however we struggled to admit everyone for some reason. Apologies for those who did not gain entrance. You can find a recording for this assembly on our website –


This month’s core value is Citizenship. Citizenship ties in nicely with our national holiday this month, and it is the first year we have citizenship as a monthly core value in CWETNS. We are citizens of our country and we are also global citizens. A good citizen makes strong and responsible decisions about their lives and are responsible for their lives and their community. Citizenship requires honesty, respect, empathy, responsibility and courage.

We are delighted to open our school to the junior classes, and the school is getting on very well. We look forward to opening our school soon for our older classes. Thank you to all the children who are continuing to learn at home and for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend,

Beir Bua – Dermot