The Board discussed the school’s situation re Covid, and noted that the measures in place are working well. The health and safety of the school community remains the priority. Teaching while wearing PPE can be difficult for both staff and the children and we have organised microphones for staff to help with communication.
Statutory items – Bullying or Child Protection were discussed.
Due to changes in DES policy we are commencing enrolments for next year’s Junior Infants on October 1st. Please note, this enrolments window runs to October 31st. The Board suggested organising a joint meeting with new PA committee when it is formed, to discuss how we might organise fundraising and events for this year.
The Board agreed that the new cycle bus pilot project proposed by parents was a great idea. The cycle bus will be organised and managed by parents, not the school office or school management. The PA will circulate contact details to get more info.