First Aid Training. Upskilling of First Aid training is being organised for all staff. This training will take the form of a half-day session and includes dealing with minor injuries as well as CPR etc.

Staffing & COVID. One of the many challenges of COVID in our community is the issue of getting substitute teachers. As with other developing schools, this is taking a serious toll on the school as a whole and particularly the Special Education team. The Board agreed that an unexpected Emergency Closure of a class on health and safety grounds may need to happen should the staffing numbers drop below what is considered safe. If this does, the school will give parents as much notice as possible. Special Education. Developing schools such as ours are in a very difficult position with regard to Special Education, and do not have the level of resources allocated to long-standing schools.

The Board is keeping the Canal Way Special Education appeal under review, and the National Council for Special Education is also working on our behalf.

Yard. The Board is examining how best to safely and cost-effectively renovate the yard, and also at providing additional site security.