Seachtain na Gaeilge 15ú – 19ú Márta 2021

Irish Week CWETNS 15th – 19th March 2021)

Fáilte roimh Seachtain na Gaeilge Canal Way ETNS 2021. Is seachtain an-tábhachtach í an tseachtain seo don scoil. Nílimíd in ann gach rud a dhéanamh a dhéanaimid de ghnáth, cosúil leis an céilí mór, ach tá seachtain lán le spraoi pleanáilte again.  Le bhúr dtoil, déanaigí iarracht speisialta an Ghaeilge a labhairt timpeall na scoile agus sa bhaile.

(Welcome to Irish Week CWETNS 2021. This is a very important week for the school. We’re not able to do everything we normally do, like the Céilí Mór, but we have a fun-filled week planned. Please make a special effort to speak Irish around the school and at home.)

Dé Luain:


Tús le Comórtas Póstaeir

In school each child will design a poster on a seanfhocal (Irish proverb). The 2 winning posters from each class will win a prize at the end of Seachtain na Gaeilge and be published on the school website. We have put a table at the end of this post showing what seanfhocal each class has. Please practise your child’s seanfhocal with them if possible. It would be great if they knew their seanfhocal for Monday morning! We have tried to type a phonetic version underneath each one to help anyone who has no experience of Irish.

Seanchaí Seosamh Ó Maolalaí

Story teller for each class over zoom!

Dé Máirt:


Lá Glas

Déan iarracht éadaí glasa a chaiteamh sa scoil. Try to wear something green to school. Class teachers will take photographs and share via seesaw/googleclass or the Canal Way website.

Tráth na gCeist

Table Quiz for each class!!

Dé Céadaoin sa bhaile:

(Wednesday at home)

Paráid fhíorúil

We’re asking everyone to get involved in a VIRTUAL PARADE for St. Patrick’s Day by sending in a very short video of your child walking past the camera, dressed up like they are in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. We are going to try to edit together all the entries we receive so try to have a white/blank background if possible like in the example video HERE. When you have it done please send to (or share with)


-Dress up if possible

-Record in LANDSCAPE

-Child walks/skips/dances/wriggles from LEFT to RIGHT, move as creatively as you want!

-IF they want to say something it can be a quick message IN IRISH but NO pressure to say anything

-Please keep videos as short as possible (2/3 seconds per child). See example video HERE. We won’t be able to use anything that’s too long. We will try to post the full Virtual Parade on our website on Thursday 18th.



Tóraíocht taisce


Ag tarraingt pictiúir trí Ghaeilge

le Aidan Courtney

Dé hAoine:


Cluichí Teanga


Rince Gaelach!!

Irish Dancing!!

Na seanfhocail (proverbs): PLEASE LEARN AT HOME!!





Translation: English Version:
6 Bíonn dhá insint le gach scéal.

(been gaw inshint le gok shcale)

There are 2 tellings of all stories. Two sides to every story
5 Is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte

(iss far on tlawnte naw na tawnte)

Health is better than wealth. Health is better than wealth.
4 Bíonn an fhírinne searbh

(been an ear-in-na shar-iv)

The truth ‘does be’ bitter The truth is always bitter.
3 An rud is annamh is iontach

(on rud iss on-niv iss een-tuck)

What’s seldom is wonderful What’s seldom is wonderful
2 Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

(neel ane tin-tawn mar duh hinn-tawn fane)

There’s no hearth like your own No place like home
1 Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras

(is moh on ton-linn on tuck-riss)

Hunger is the best sauce Hunger is the best sauce
N. Shin. 

Snr. Inf.

Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile

(Ah-neen keer-ogue keer-oge ella)

One beetle knows another Takes one to know one
N. Shóis.

Jnr. Inf.

Tús maith leath na hoibre

(toos moh lah na hibbra)

A good start’s half the work A good start’s half the work