NEWSLETTER – New School Year 2022/2023


We say farewell to Emily who has secured a position in the West of Ireland. We congratulate Amy O’Hanlon who will be moving from her position as additional needs assistant, into the role of primary school teacher following the completion of her studies in primary education. Jessica will be returning to Canal Way ETNS also. 

We have made several appointments, and welcome our new staff members to our community. The children will know many of our new staff, as they supported us throughout last year in part-time roles. Our staff page has been updated and the children can look this up to see their teacher and to read about their new teacher also. LINK HERE

New Teachers: Áine, Rebecca & Mary.

New Additional Needs Assistant: Jemma.


Class Last year’s teacher Teacher for 2022/2023 Room
Junior Infants N/A Seán 5
Junior Infants N/A Ciara 6
Senior Infants Ciara Jan 4
Senior Infants Amy-C Ciaran 3
First Class Niamh Jean 7
First Class Ciaran Rebecca 8
Second Class Jean Jessica 9
Second Class Jan Dee 10
Third Class Simon & Fiona Orla M 11
Third Class Dee Amy C 12
Fourth Class Orla M Orla T 13
Fourth Class Luke Fiona & Hazel 14
Fifth Class Orla T Siobhán 15
Fifth Class Clíóna Luke 16
Sixth Class Seán Michael 17
Sixth Class Siobhán Áine 18

Learning Support Team: Wilma, Amy-O, Simon, Aileen & Mary.

Additional Needs Assistants: John, Deirdre, Nicola and Jemma.



Acting Deputy Principal & Special Education Coordinator: Wilma

Assistant Principals: Ciara, Hazel, Simon and Aileen.



We have completed our yard resurfacing works over the summer, and it is a fantastic improvement for our school. We have also renovated the stage area and converted it into a learning support room. These works are also very impressive and will be a great addition for the children who need most support in our school.


  • Junior Infant & Sibling Hour (13.10 – 14.10) will commence in early September. WE have appointed a facilitator and we are in the process of setting this up, and preparing the school to facilitate this.  
  • SICCDA childcare on site in CWETNS As you are aware SICCDA run childcare onsite in our school from 14.10hrs to 17.30hrs. You must qualify for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) in order to access this. Many of our families have been able to access this in recent years when the scheme was changed to support working families. The website is here, where you will find information and the application portal. If you qualify you will get a unique code called a CHICK. You need this to enroll with SICCDA, and we will be in touch with you to inform you when they will be enrolling in CWETNS. I expect it will be this week, so please investigate this ASAP if you think this is something you could avail of and prepare to get to the school this week to enroll.  NB NB – For families who have availed of this last year, and plan on enrolling again, you must have a new valid CHICK for this year as last year’s CHICK will not be accepted.
  • Are you a childcare provider? Do you know of spaces available in child care facilities? We have a family who are currently trying to access after school care in the local area for a junior infant, and we can pass your details  onto them if this is something you may be able to help with.  



Our infant day is 08.30-13.10hrs.

1st – 6th Class is 08:30 – 14.10hrs. 

The first day of school will be September 1st and it will be a full school day for all classes apart from Junior Infants. For Junior Infants the first two days in school will be 08.45 – 11.00hrs. From Monday 5th they will be in for the full day 08:30 – 13:10hrs.  

You should already have a copy of the school calendar and it can also be found on the home page of our website HERE. 

We will continue our one way system around the school for drops off and pick ups. In through the large yard gate and out through the garden gate. 


BOOKLISTS – please label all books. 

Booklists can be found on the publications page of the website. 



A copy of our Health eating policy can be found HERE  We are a nut and seed free school. 

Lunches should contain items your child likes to eat and can easily manage. Water is an ideal drink and water bottles can be refilled in school. 



A reminder that Materials Money should be paid for the 2022/23 School year – ideally by the end of October.  It can be paid in installments. Information was sent to all families in June and a payment reminder link will be issued again later this week. 

The link is also available on the home page of the Aladdin Connect app. 



If you have already set up the Aladdin Connect App please do so as it is our primary method of communication with families during the school year. Notifications are sent out regularly by the office and also class teachers with important and sometimes time sensitive  information. It also saves on school costs if all parents sign up to the App.    

If you cannot locate your sign up information please contact the office by email. [email protected]