Message from Dermot

A chairde,

We had a lovely assembly this morning where we saw Seán’s class learning about Freedom, which is our Core Value this month.  “People who believe in freedom cannot rest” Nelson Mandela. We also spoke about all the changes onsite.

Children can bring scooters and bikes to school next week. Please bring a lock for your bike. If your bike or scooter is left here over night, you can assume that it will definitely be stolen. We do not have the staff, the time or the space to take bikes into the school every evening. Do not ring the school for us to manage it either as we will not be able to facilitate you – please ask for assistance in your parent Whatsapp group.  They will be in open bike racks from now on and they are left at your own risk.

Thanks everyone for being patient with us and all of our site changes. Adults dropping off children from 1st to 6th can leave them at the entrance and I will see that they walk in safely. All exits onsite and in the building are covered so trust that they are in our care and will be safe until we dismiss them in the afternoon.

Thank you for your continued support with COVID, we appreciate everybody wearing masks and not congregating around the school. We are doing really well and it is because of your help, keeping children home, continued testing which we greatly appreciate.

Enjoy the weekend,