Welcome to this week’s Newsletter,

ETHOS: The coming weeks are full of celebrations and festivals on the Christian Calendar, and we wish all of our families best wishes, who will be celebrating Passover / Pesach & Easter.

SCIENCE WEEK: Next week we will be celebrating a science themed week. This will end with our annual ‘Egg Drop’.

EGG DROP:    07.04.2017    We are looking forward to parents joining us this year. The Egg Drop will take place in the yard at 10.30hrs, weather permitting. Students, with the support of their families ( :o)) )- must design an apparatus to protect the egg from breaking as it freefalls from a height of 4 meters.


  1. The egg must freefall – no parachutes this year.
  2. The egg must be visible, so that after the drop, we do not have to destroy the apparatus to confirm if the egg has survived.
  3. Please do not use large pieces of wood or metal, for health and safety reasons.
  4. No fighting or crying during the making of the apparatus. Reports of this, will result in immediate disqualification and the boiling of the egg.

COFFEE MORNING MARCH 31st – TOMORROW !!!! The Parents Association Committee will be running a coffee morning in the school on Friday 31st March from 8:30am to 9:30am.  Fiona will also give an overview of the ‘Friends for Life’ program.

AFTERSCHOOLS: After-schools Lego has started on a Thursday 2:20-3:10, the term will be 10 weeks until June 15th. Please contact [email protected] if your child is interested in attending.

DO YOU HAVE ANY FUNDRAISING IDEAS? Have you got an idea for a event to help raise money for Canal Way Educate Together School? We are looking for an event to run during April. If you have an idea and are willing to take lead in organising the event, please e-mail us at [email protected] (Note that the Recipe Book will be on sale in March and the annual sponsored walk will take place later in the year – so those two ideas are gone!!)

PARENT TODDLER MORNING As you may know, there is a Parent & Toddler Morning takes place every Friday from 8:30am to 10am in the Community Room in the school.  The organiser can no longer do every Friday due to work commitments.  If anyone is interested in helping her to run this so that it can take place every week, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Reminder- How to contact the PAC Should any parent which to formally raise any concerns you can do this directly to: [email protected]

Alternatively you can raise directly via email to your Class Representative.

BOARD MEETING: The Board met on the 27th May. They discussed the work done to date by the Buildings Committee and thank the Committee for all of their efforts. The Treasurer provided an update regarding current finances, in particular highlighting the recent fundraising activities by the Parents Association, which is very much appreciated. The fundraising has contributed to purchases of teaching resources, recent improvements for the school, in particular the yard decorations and fun activities. The Board acknowledges the Student Council’s input for selecting the graphics for decorating the yard. The Board discussed the draft Chronic Conditions policy, which the parents will be invited to comment on and also noted the recent DES Special Education Circular. The school will develop a SEN policy in line with the new circular and future DES recommendations, with inputs from staff, parents and Board of Management, to be ratified at future Board meetings.


We will be closed at 12.00hrs on next Friday April 7th and we will re-open at 08.30am on April 24th  

Enjoy the weekend, and watch out for Saturday Silliness !