Message from Dermot

Thank you for your continued support during remote learning. We understand that each family is unique and we will continue to reach out to make sure all families are engaging to the best of their abilities. 

As well as working on remote learning, the school is working on a draft plan for partial re-opening for children with significant additional needs, and we await progress and direction from the Minister for Education and all relevant stakeholders. I met with the Board of Management this week, and the agreed report is on our BOM webpage here. We welcomed representatives from the parents association committee to the meeting and enjoyed a productive discussion.

I hope that your families are doing well and that you are managing to enjoy as much as you can during this time. The weekend is upon us and we must keep our spirits up, as we put down the devices and go for another circular walk, and have another circular conversation with the ones we love in our close circles. And in all of those circles, please stay safe, holdfirm, and mind one another.