Wishing you all a great summer ahead. The following is an attempt at thanking everyone who supported our school this year, making it another wonderful year.

  • Thanks to our children for bringing happiness and fun to our school. My highlight this year, was when a child told me I could go to Turkey, to get some hair. If only it was that simple!
  • Thanks to our teachers, support staff, and ancillary staff. You make our school a wonderful place to be.
  • Thanks to all of our parents, who have supported us this year. You play a huge part in our school, just as in every Educate Together School, and we look forward to working closer next year.
  • Thanks to the Parents Association Committee for all of your endless work. You have another item below to say thanks, but his is one is from me ! You have raised money for outdoor furniture and built in furniture, and arranged great activities to nurture our community spirit. You have organised hoodies, extracurricular activities, coffee mornings, fed the nation at our summer BBQ, book fairs, quizzes, and been totally sound throughout.
  • Thanks to our management team, who have pushed us onto a new level this year. GRMMA
  • Thanks to our Board of Management who have formed this year. Thanks for your support.
  • Thanks to our patron body who have supported us and continue to support us as we embed the future of our school.

Happy Pride weekend, and stay safe this summer – looking forward to seeing you all in September, for round 12!