NEWSLETTER 25.05.2018

THE GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR) significantly changes data protection law in Europe. We have updated our policies to give you more information about the data we hold and what we do with that data. Please see the following documents on our website HERE.

SPONSORED WALK The children will be doing a sponsored walk at 9am on May 31st, as part of Active Schools Month. Historically, this has been our top fundraising activity in the year, so it’s an important event. We will need volunteers on the morning to help make the walk possible. Please contact [email protected] or your Class Rep or give your name to your teacher to let us know if you’ll be able to help out. We need volunteers to help supervise the walk so please try volunteer.  Thanks to the Student Council for consulting with the student body, and their input will flavour the walk – all to be arranged next week.

ETHOS EVENING Deirdre O’Donohoe from Educate Together will be joining us in the school to host an evening on Wednesday May 30th at 19.30HRS. This evening will allow the parent body to contribute to our Five Year Plan which we are working on currently. We shall be discussing our vision for the school for the next 5 years, and we can all contribute and prioritise practical steps to help us achieve our vision on a broad level. This is a really significant event for us and our school, and we look forward to seeing you there.

BUILDING UPDATE: We are currently planning for extra classrooms however it will be unlikely that they will be onsite in the yard for September. We still have spaces in our existing building which we will be using, and are presently arranging the building accordingly until the project is finalised and delivered.

POLICIES Thank-you for your input into our Special Education and Assessment policies which are now ratified and on the website HERE.

YOUNG PHILOSOPHERS – CONGRATULATIONS 4th CLASS CANALWAY! We are so proud to congratulate our 4th 5th 6th class students who represented us at The Young Philosophers Awards in Belfield UCD. Five students from 4th class scooped second place and first place in their category. President Higgins was there for the awards.

CRAFT-ED 4th/5th and 6th class have been involved in CraftED for the last few weeks. This is an initiative from the National Crafts council where a craftsperson is paired with a school for a five week collaborative art project. The children worked with textile artist Rose-Mary Cullen to learn new techniques such as hand-stitching, weaving and fraying. They brought all this work together in making a lovely hand-sewn logo for our school. They also undertook a research project to investigate the rich history of weaving in our area using the 1911 census and a visit from a local historian. Their work was showcased last night in Blackrock Education Centre and everyone was very impressed. Their work will also be displayed as part of the National Heritage week in August.

UPDATE FROM SECOND LEVEL CAMPAIGN ETHX On Friday 13th April 2018, the Department of Education and Skills announced plans to establish a new second-level school in 2020 at the Harold’s Cross Greyhound Track site. Dublin 8 and 12 arenot included in the catchment area for this school. It is crucial that as many public representatives as possible are contacted with a direct request to include Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 in the proposed school’s catchment.

It would really help the campaign if you could send your local TDs a letter and position paper, or even simply your own request along those lines, in the coming days. If you have signed up to – please check your Promotion tab in your e-mail inbox for further details on how you can help. Thank you ETHX Committee

Monday 4th Bank Holiday

Half Day June 29th and closed until 30th of August 2018

KEEP US UPDATED – If your contact details change or if you are planning on leaving our school before September, please keep us informed.

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy the sunshine this weekend,