Our school is busy with ongoing assessment. Thanks to everyone for getting to school on-time and for the children who are engaging so well. These tests are inhouse tests, and help us to identify children who are in need of extra support. Tests assist in staffing allocation also. I would like to thanks out staff for their work in administering these, in particular, our support team who are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Our 6th classes are preparing to graduate in the coming month. The children and staff are working on their graduation film, and the school is buzzing with excitement with cameras rolling and scenes being set, and scripts flying. Thanks to Jen and Catherine, our parents who are filming. We cannot thank you enough for your help. Thanks also to staff for supporting this.

You will see an item below for our Parents Association AGM. I would like to stress the importance of your attendance at this meeting and your involvement in the activities we organise. Parental involvement is a cornerstone of our school community, and we are committed to fostering this vital partnership. ET Schools thrive on active parental participation, and we believe in a democratic approach where every parent’s voice matters. Your engagement not only supports your child’s education but also strengthens our school as a whole. Your presence and input are not just appreciated—they are essential. Looking forward to seeing you there.