Half-day on Wednesday – 12.00 finish

The school will finish at 12:00 hrs on Wednesday, as the staff are recieving first-aid training. Please collect your children ontime as we are on a tight schedule for this.

Lost and Found

Lost and found will be laid out inthe yard every Friday morning. Please come in and have a look at the items. also, please label all children’s clothes clearly so we can return the when they are lost.

Scooters & bikes are being left in the yard every evening. We do not have the staff to be looking after the scootes & bikes every day. If you leave them in the yard overnight they will be stolen.

I have two micro scooters in my office here that have been abandoned since before the break. I have shown them to the children today and they remain unclaimed. If anyone is missing a scooter from your home, please come in and see me personally.

Time Keeping & Attendance

Thanks to everyone for arriving on time. For those who are not making it on time, please make every effort to change for the new year. Bringing your children to school late – has the following effect:

  • your child misses out on lesson instrucution and activities
  • your child misses out on social opportunitues at morning assembly times
  • it causes disruption to the classroom and draws unwanted attention to them
  • it is extremely unsettling and distracting for them

If we can be of support in time keeping please let us know. Lessons start at 08.45am sharp.

Attendance is also imprtant, and never more so given the times we have missed over the last two years, and that which is ongoing due to COVID. Please make every effort to present your children to school when they are well and healthy. Our attendance in CWETNs is generally very good, and we thank families for getting the children to school.

COVID Safety & Ventilation

Our Board of Management met last week. The agreed report can be found here. The Board discussed COVID safety in the school. The BoM pass on their thanks to the children for wearing masks in the older classes.

School managment presented a report of CO2 levels in the classrooms, as an indication of ventilation levels. The BoM also followed guidance from our patron body (podcast here) while considering the € 6K enhanced minor works grant provided by the Department of Education. The BoM noted that ventilation is currently managed by opening windows, and that introducing HEPA filter units will not mean we can close windows. The BoM will be engaging a consultant to asses ventilation at a deeper level, inorder to identify if any further actions need to be taken.