NEWSLETTER 19.11.2014

Welcome to this weeks newsletter –

ETHOS: November is Human Rights Month. Have a listen to our assembly song – WINTERWONDERLAND

PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS: Our meetings are on next Tuesday and Wednesday. Please return the confirmation slip to your class teacher.

TEACHING AND LEARNING: We had our Active Schools inspection on Wednesday with Jimmy O’ Neill and it went very well. We also had a visit from John Cosgrave, who is a mathematician. He is a grandparent of one of our students. The children didn’t realise this was a maths themed visit, and thought they were just playing. Now that’s a compliment John. Thank-you.

EDUCATE TOGETHER: The annual Educate Together Ethos conference is on this Saturday, the 22nd. Please see info in this LINK. The conference is open to Parents, Teachers, and Board Members.

COMMUNITY: Dublin City Council have informed us that the Christmas Liberties Lights being turned on in Cornmarket on the 27th of November at 6pm by Tina Mac Veigh, if you want to pop along.

Check out this Sunday Night in the Olympia. Very worthwhile fundraising event, and you’re sure to see someone you know there.

PARENTS: Many thanks to all our volunteers who helped out at last weekend’s quiz. It was a great success. We are now close to our target for building our new bike shed. We will be updating you on our next family event shortly – The PA Committee.

Thanks, Dermot.
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