Newsletter 14.11.2013

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.

ETHOS: The children are learning about sharing this month. We really enjoyed the Diwali studies, and shall be learning about festivals of light in the coming month. We have attached artistic responses to the story of Rama and Sita – senior infants, first and second. The children are also looking at ‘the awe and wonder of the world’ and junior infants are studying ‘Earth’. It’s a small little project and we are planning to have the Cosmos wrapped up by June !


DONATIONS: We would be most grateful if you could please send in prize donations for our table quiz. If you know anyone with a business, or local shops – please ask nicely for this event. Or have a rummage under the stairs for something nice. Please contact the office with your donations. We would really appreciate a good resonse here.

THE EVENT: Friday November 22nd, MC GOWANS Harolds Corss €40 per table of four. €150 for the winning team plus lots of great raffle prizes to be won! Have fun and help Portobello ETNS raise money for musical instruments.

PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS: thankyou all for attending meetings – it was great to catch up for a chat. Anyone who has to still rescheduled their meeting can do so by talking to the teacher.

STAFF: Special Needs Assistant – appointment is on-going.

IT: We have just installed two short throw projectors & speaker systems in the classrooms, and they have been very well received. These will be easily moved when we relocate next year.

FINAL APPEAL: We would like to appeal to parents for toy donations. If you have any old garden toys, please send them into us. Even some sturdy indoor toys would be great for our yard.

Enjoy the weekend,