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 Sixth class have been busy filming an end of year movie as a way of celebrating their time in Canal Way. The world premiere of the movie ‘The Untimely Vanishing of Pat the Caretaker’ will be screened in our school on Wednesday the 26th of June at 7pm. Tickets will cost 5 euro each and will be available from Eavan in the office and on yard each morning next week. Get them as soon as you can as spaces are limited. We plan to have the screening as a premiere type affair so feel free to dress up and get involved in the fun! The movie is suitable for all class levels.

ACTIVE SCHOOLS WEEK is on next week. Please dress appropriately.

Monday – Activities

Tuesday & Friday – Sports Days.

Wednesday – Orienteering

Thursday SPONSORED WALK We will be leaving soon after drop off. We need volunteers so please contact your teacher to help out.  This is our biggest fund raiser and we ask kindly that you try to raise as much as possible for our developing school. Monies raised will be used for teaching & learning resources for the school – Maths and English Equipment.

DISCO will be held in the yard on Tuesday 25th, at 08.30, please hang around for a bop. Fancy Dress as always. You will be ENTERTAINED !

THANKS FOR THE BBQ Thanks to everyone who attended the BBQ on Sunday. Great day and big thanks to the parents association for organising another great day.

BOOKLISTS are all on the website on the policies page. 2019/2020 calendar is on the home page on Google Calendar and also PDF on the home page and the policies page.

REPORTS will be going home in the children’s bags today. The reports are a nice overall picture of how your child is getting on in school. Children in 1st to 6th will be receiving standardised test results. This is the result of one test that they have completed in literacy and maths. You will receive a STEN score, which measure the level of child’s achievement in English and Irish reading and maths. They compare children’s score with other children in the same class or age level. These scores help us plan for teaching and also to plan for support if
your child needs a helping hand. There is a good article here to read, so please refer to this when reading your child’s report.

Please note that STEN scores do not tell us about your child’s emotional development, their personality, or sense of humour, their friendships, their artistic genius or their intergalactic superpowers that they use on us daily. So please read and enjoy the report in its entirety, and be as proud of them as we are.

ENROLMENTS – Please inform us ASAP if you are leaving the school next year, or if you will be back late.

CLASS ALLOCATION – We will be informing you of teacher allocation in July this year.


Half day on 28.06.2019

Return to school on 29.08.2019

COMMUNITY   Consultation with community and stakeholders re: Linear Park consultation on the 4th of July the F2 Centre to discuss and review the proposed masterplan for St. James’s Linear Park.

COMMUNICATION  Please communicate with the office using the following email – [email protected].


The BoM met on 11th June. There was a presentation from Slunch, a new company promoting healthy hot meals in schools. Slunch has submitted a proposal to DES to provide free meals to our school from September and parents will be kept updated about the progress of the application. The Treasurer provided an updated financial report, noting the fundraising efforts of the Parent Association – the Board extends thanks to everyone for supporting the school. School enrolments & staffing for September were discussed.

The BoM was informed that Cian has been appointed as Principal at Harold’s Cross and extends warm congratulations and best wishes to him in this exciting new role. The BoM thanks Cian, and all the staff for their dedication and commitment to teaching and learning in the past year. Best wishes also to Niamh and Jenny who will not be returning in September.

Dermot updated the BoM regarding the planned building modifications and additional accommodation to support our expanding school. Architects are engaged to deal with planning and works that will take place over the summer and early autumn. The BoM notes the significant amount of work that Dermot and Irenie have given to this complicated project. Best wishes to our 6th class pupils on their forthcoming graduation to all the school community for the summer holidays!

Enjoy the weekend,

Dermot & Staff