Newsletter 13.02.2015

Welcome to this weeks newsletter:

ETHOS: The children had a great day yesterday, learning about Chinese New Year which will be celebrated on Thursday February 19th. Thanks to all the parents who came in to help out and to Marie who has made this yet another great tradition in our school. We had a great morning. Have a look in the GALLERY.

Charles Darwin’s Birthday was yesterday, and the classes enjoyed looking at animals in camouflage. Photo of senior infants art below.

GREENSCHOOLS: We have been awarded our green flag this week. Huge thanks to all the children and staff for getting this one so soon. Hip Hip Hurra!

WEBSITE CHANGE: Our new website address  is Thanks Jonathan for sorting this. Sign for over the door to follow. Soon

PEOPLE AT WORK IN SENIOR INFANTS: Hazel invited parents into senior infants to discuss their profession / work. She had Paul (Theatre Set Designer), Thom (Broadcaster) & Jenny (Speech Therapist) in to the class. The children loved these lessons. Thanks parents & Hazel. Check out the GALLERY 

school disco will take place on 28th of February from 4-6pm in our school hall.  All children of our school and their families are invited to this fundraising event.   We are still looking for a few more volunteers to help with different jobs on the day, so if your talents stretch to face-painting, cake-baking (for the parents pop-up cafe) or general helping-out, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].  Alternatively, contact Kate Beglan, Sinead Dullaghan or Jessica Hamilton directly. 
Coffee Morning Fundraiser will take place on Friday 6th March from 8.30am onwards at our school. We are looking for volunteers to help out at this event. We would like to thank Reiltin Feely who will be organising the event. If you are free that morning, please contact Reiltin directly or  Irenie at [email protected] .  The proceeds of both events will be used to enhance our school learning environment.

ARC: Aodán’s class are going to see the world premiere of ‘Far Away from Me’ today – (Ariel performance & dance show) in Temple Bar’s Arc.

POD: Thank-you to those who have returned their forms for the Department of Education’s data base. Please return the form if you have not.

SCHOOL CLOSURE: The school will close today and re-open on the 23rd of February. Reminder of other school closures / holidays –

March 17th – St Patricks Day.

March 30th to Fri 10th April – Spring Break

May 4th and 5th – May Break

June 1st and 2nd – June Break

Last day of school is 30th of June.


HAVE A LOVELY BREAK – Dermot and all the staff.