NEWSLETTER 12.09.2013

Dear Parents / Guardians,


The children will be having their first school assembly this Friday, where we shall be talking about friendship and practicing our first school song. We have also be learning about the Jewish holiday – Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement, which is celebrated on September 13th/14th. Best wishes to our families who will be celebrating this holiday at the weekend.

We will be having assemblies in the future where parents are invited … we will notify you of these, when we are prepared for spectators!


Junior Infants will be starting their full day on Monday, and shall be staying until 13.10hrs. They shall be having two lunches so it would be good to brief your child about this.

As always …

Second Class: 08.30 – 14.10hrs.

First Class: 08.30 – 14.10hrs

Senior Infants: 08.30 – 13.10hrs


We are finalising the appointing our secretary. We will be in touch with the opening hours of the office next week. Thank-you to all the volunteers who covered the office for the last two weeks. It was a great help.  Our landline has been connected – 01 6613333.

We also have two teachers with us part-time now, Caroline and Jessica. This means we have a third teacher for three hours every day to assist the children.


Senior, First & Second have made their first trip to the canal with Fiona and Jessica on Wednesday. They made rubbings and collected items. They shall be going again tomorrow and Junior Infants shall be joining them.


I have had a lot of enquiries from parents who are eager to become involved in fundraising and helping out in general. The parents association will be formed in the coming months. We will be notifying you of this in the newsletter.


Please ensure that your children have a spare set of clothes in their bags. If they are too cumbersome to carry on bikes / scooters, I can store them in the room in a labelled bag. Also, please drop in old t-shirts / shirts for painting. Again I will store these in the room.


Please see the website for information on our annual Teddy Bears Picnic.


Thank-you to all that have paid their materials money. Reminder to those who have not – €75 in total. If you have any problems with this please contact me directly.

Enjoy the weekend,