NEWSLETTER 12.06.2014


ETHOS: We are reading My Princess Boy this week, and have been thinking about gender norms in society. We are having some refreshing discussions around dress and past-times.

AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE AND MATHS: Great news for Portobello ETNS, we have been awarded the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award of Excellence. We have received the plaque to honour our schools achievements this academic year. It is a great team effort and shows the high standard of Science and Maths education. Children have enjoyed working towards this award too! Huge thank-you to Fiona for securing this award for Portobello ETNS. Photo here – SPOT THE PLAQUE

You can view a Slideshow of our experiments on the School Initiatives page.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Our photographer came on Friday, and photographed our ‘very well presented’ children – well done on that! We will be in touch with details in the next week or so regarding purchasing.

TEACHING AND LEARNING: We are team teaching for the month of June. We have been learning about our senses in science lessons. So far, we have learned about the 5 different senses and got to take part in exciting experiments using our senses of touch and sight. We are also thinking about what it would be like if we couldn’t use one of our senses. Fiona is doing a project on The World Cup. Enjoy the opening ceremony and the game tonight.

We are near completion of the Stay Safe program. Thank you to all the parents and guardians for supporting this initiative and completing the worksheets at home.

NEXT YEAR: We will be returning to school on August 28th @ 08.30am. Full calendar, booklists and details of materials money will be issued on Monday.

SCHOOL TRANSPORT: You have all been informed of this already – but to remind you … we’re still working on attaining transport to Basin Lane for September. Please print out form below and send it to the address below. It is crucial that these go out this week.
School roll no. 20430N
Address of local office to send form to: Bus Éireann School Transport Office, Tara House,Tara Street,Dublin 2.
Email: [email protected]

NATIONAL BIKE WEEK: More photos here.

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