Newsletter 10.04.2019


CLOSURES: School closes Friday at 12:00  and re-opens Monday 29th April at 08:30

INCOMNG JUNIOR INFANTS: Parents welcome evening for incoming Junior Infant families this evening here in the school at 7pm.

SCHOOL PHOTO – Please order the school photos by Midnight Friday 12th April  to avail of the 10 euro discount on the package prices shown and the photos will be delivered back to the school after the Spring Term break. Orders can still be placed after this date but will incur the late fee and will then be posted out directly to home addresses.

Class photos will be take on May 1st.

EGG DROP: DESIGN A SYSTEM TO PROTECT AN EGG FROM CRACKING OR BREAKING FROM A HIGH FALL over the next two nights at home.  Details of our Egg Drop will be in the school bags today. Event takes place on Friday at 9am. Send your child’s design with egg, into school on Friday. We will bring the classes into their rooms and return to the yard for the drop. Parents are welcome to stay to see the event. Label your child egg design please. Thanks,

SCHOOL CALENDAR 2019 / 2020: We have updated the school calendar on the website for school year 2019 / 2020. LINK HERE

BEAR HUNT: Junior infants went on a bear hunt today, and they saw a REAL bear. PHOTOS HERE

EASTER BREAK: Best wishes to all celebrating the Easter festival, and we wish all well on getting to the end of Lent.

COMMUNITY CLEAN UP: The Team Dublin Clean-up Day has evolved and the 2019 Event for Saturday 27th April is going under the banner of “Dublin Community Clean –up Day” with the hashtag #KeepDublinBeautiful. Please contact [email protected] to request your supplies or if you have any questions.

GARDEN CLEAN UP – Reminder this Saturday, from 9am to 1pm. Please email [email protected] to become involved.

BOARD OF MANAGMENT REPORT – the BOM met on 01.04.2019. Agreed Report as follows

Following Policies Ratified: Mixed Parents, 5 Year Plan, Health and Safety Statement was updated. Lunch provider initiative was discussed and Board of Management are facilitating a presentation at their next Board Meeting. Finances were discussed. Budgets were considered, & Board of Management pass on their thanks for all the commitment and dedication from ancillary staff. Heating Renovations were considered, and approved – leaking valves in school all have to be replaced which is a costly & large piece of work. Chickens were discussed, and Board pass on their thanks for the commitment to the project. Dermot presented a Building / Accommodation update. Enrolments for 2019 were discussed. Budget for window blinds were approved Special Education was discussed, and SNA support was discussed. Summer camp was approved

Enjoy the rest of the Week, and the break,

Dermot & Staff.

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