NEWSLETTER 10.04.2014

Welcome to this week’s newsletter ….


We will be starting a new initiative in term three – ‘philosophy’. The children will be thinking critically, discussing big questions and answering some of life’s enormous puzzles. We look forward to updating you on this. Also, best wishes to our families who will be celebrating Easter this month.


Reminder that school closes tomorrow at 11.30am and shall re-open for term three on 28th April.


Megan and Rachel will be finishing their teaching practice tomorrow. We would like to thank them for all their hard work and ‘grá’ that they have shown the children. We wish them every success in their future studies and careers. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the last four weeks and there will certainly be sad faces tomorrow.

Another thank-you for the organisers of the fun day last Sunday in Clogher Road. €1050net was raised for our move to Basin Street. There was a fantastic atmosphere there and it was great to meet the incoming parents too.


Active Schools Week – 12th to 16th May. Details in Term3.

School Tour to Pine Forest Art Centre – 15th May. Details in Term3.

School photographer – June 6th.  Details in Term3.

I have just been tipped off about THIS EVENT. Might be something to roll along to if the walls start closing in over the break. Have a great holiday,

Best Wishes, Dermot