NEWSLETTER 09.09.2015

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS: Children are learning about friendship and this month’s song for assembly is The Beatles A Little Help From My Friends. (Click to sing along)

CONGRATULATIONS: To Fiona and the arrival of her beautiful daughter Alex. Look out for the brand new buggy around the ‘general vicinity’ in the coming weeks.

SCOOTERS: We have a few scooters in the building which were left before summer. No scooting or cycling in the yard – adults and children please. Store scooters in the bike shed.

JUNIOR INFANTS: Reminder for the full day (13.10hrs) for Junior Infants from Monday 14th

PARENTS ASSOCIATION: – Parents Association Committee meeting: An extensive discussion was held about the extra-curricular activities for the coming year, which are at the advanced stage of planning, due to all the work carried out by the hardworking members of the sub-committee over the summer. The committee also acknowledged the huge amount of work done on the school buildings by Irenie and all the volunteers who gave up their time and effort over the summer to improve our school for the children.

CANALWAY TODDLER GROUP: A toddler group for the younger siblings of our students will run in the Parents Room on Friday mornings from September 18th. This group will combine structured and free play for the little ones, and chat and tea for the parents. Parents must stay with their children. Reiltin Feely (parent) will be organising it, and it would be great if another parent was able to join her.  If you feel you could give some time to this please contact [email protected]

LOCAL BREAKFAST CLUB-Some parents inquired last year about a breakfast club or morning child minding service in the school.  It has not been possible to provide this due to the limited space we have in Canal Way.  Creative Kids is a child minding service that runs in The Haven across the road from Canal Way.  They offer a breakfast club service that might be of help to some parents. They also offer after-school care.  It is reasonably priced and flexible, and they drop off the students to the school at 8:30am and collect them after school also.  This is not an endorsement, but is just to make all parents aware that there is a service very nearby that they can avail of if they need it.

SIBLINGS: Any current families who have children intending to come in 2016 – or indeed any future years please ensure you are pre-enrolled. We have been working on our enrolment policy review over the summer, and we are reporting and reviewing with our patron Educate Together at present. The next step is surveying and we will be in touch if we get patron approval on this.

SCHOOL SIGN – Has anyone got connections or gifted talents that could assist us in organising a new sign for the front of the building. Please email me if you can help us here.  [email protected]

RECORDING TUNES : As ye know we now have quite an eclectic bunch of songs that we sing as a whole school. We would really like to make some recordings of them, and if anyone has time, or even better the equipment to do this, could you contact me, and we can set about organising this in the coming weeks. Thanks.

HOLIDAYS : (typo in last week’s newsletter – apologies and gold star to all who noticed.)

October Midterm            Monday 26th Oct                         –             Friday 30th Oct

Winter Holidays              Wednesday 23rd Dec                   –             Tuesday 5th Jan

February Midterm          Wednesday 16th Feb                    –             Friday 19th Feb

Spring Holidays               Thursday 17th Mar                      –              Friday 1st April

May Midterm                   Monday 2nd May                         –              Friday 6th May

June Bank Holiday         Monday 6th June


Have a nice weekend,