NEWSLETTER 09.02.2014

Dear Parents & Guardians – Welcome to this weeks Newsletter,

MEETING – Reminder that we have our parents election to the Board of Management on THURSDAY 13th  at 8 – 09.30pm , followed by information meeting on our school’s development so far and our new premises on Basin Street. This meeting is for parents & guardians of children who are in the school this year.

VACCINATIONS – The HSE will be visiting Junior Infants on Tuesday morning 11th February. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast that morning. Thanks to all who returned their forms. They are in good hands and they will have a great morning.

ETHOS – This months core value is honesty. We have Valentines Day on Friday. This week is a very special week as we have Darwin Day on the 14th. We will spend time this week looking at some of his work, and maybe a quote or two…

“I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men” – Charles Darwin

Best wishes,