NEWSLETTER 07.04.2017

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter,

ETHOS – Best wishes to all celebrating Easter, the end of Lent, Passover and Vaisakhi. We hope families hunting for eggs over the coming weeks, find their explorations fruitful and rewarding.

SCIENCE WEEK was a great fun altogether. We made great discoveries and there was some fine designs and creations. Classes enjoyed building bridges, Scuba Diving demonstrations from a REAL SCUBA DIVER, sound experiments, circuitry, constructions challenges, excavation work and the whole school enjoyed our bubble Disco in the garden. The egg drop today was hilarious, and the creations wacky as ever. Thank ye all for the time and effort that ye put into the event again this year. Thanks to all those that attended as well. It was such a lovely morning. CHECK OUT THE GALLERY.

FRIENDS FOR LIFE / COFFEE MORNING Thankye all for attending the coffee morning, thanks to Fiona and Hazel for presenting. If you want a copy of the presentation, please contact the office and we will give you a hard copy.

FUND RAISING IDEAS Thanks to all who have sent their fundraising suggestions.  There have been some really great ideas and we are very grateful to all the parents who got back to us.  We will give feedback to all who submitted suggestions on what are our next steps.

If you have an idea and are willing to take lead in organising the event, please e-mail us at [email protected]

AFTER SCHOOLS ACTIVITIES For next term’s activities, please see THIS LINK HERE

VOLLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR SUMMER BARBEQUE The PAC will be organising a Summer BBQ to take place in June and need volunteers to help out.  If you are interested please e-mail us at [email protected]

PARENTS AND TODDLER MORNING As you may know, there is a Parent & Toddler Morning takes place every Friday from 8:30am to 10am in the Community Room in the school.  The organiser can no longer do every Friday due to work commitments.  If anyone is interested in helping her to run this so that it can take place every week, please e-mail us at [email protected].


PARENTS ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE The PAC held their latest meeting on 4th April which included:

  • A briefing from the National Parents Council
  • Discussions on fund raising plans
  • Reminder- How to contact the PAC
  • Should any parent which to formally raise any concerns you can do this directly to: [email protected]
  • Alternatively you can raise directly via email to your Class Representative

And finally from the parents association committee – Thanks to all for supporting our various fundraising events.  The money raised from these events contributed towards the recent upgrades to the school yard. The school has just taken delivery of an electric Yamaha Piano from Piano Plus, and more Maths equipment has been ordered. Thank-you.

AND FROM DERMOT,  … THANKYOU to staff, parents and children for your support and involvement this term. Thanks to the Buildings Committee, the Board of Management, the Parents Association Committee, and the gardening crew, the art committee who are so generous with their time, and who work so tirelessly for the children and the whole school community. I will have forgotten someone no doubt, so to ye all … Ye are mighty – ta very much !


Thanks Finn – you are now an official LEGEND !


You know you are in the right school when you walk by this at 08.30am in the corridor on a Wednesday morning


Have a lovely break,