NEWSLETTER 05.10.2018

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS – This month’s core value is Honesty. Our new Monday morning assemblies are a success so far, and we are learning about growth mind-set, learning through mistakes and philosophical questioning at these assemblies. Fridays assemblies are more performance based, and we enjoyed a fine performance from Third Class today, and we all sang Space Oddity which was quite a lunar rendition – keep practicing, me included !

TEACHING AND LEARNING: Lots of great things happening around the school –

  • Simon’s Class are enjoying learning letter sounds, and also learning about their family and homes in Aistear.
  • Jenny’s class are also learning letter sounds, and they are lording it up in the restaurant in Aistear.
  • Cliona’s class are not feeling too well, and are spending all visiting the doctors surgery in Aistear.
  • Orla’s class made some lovely airplanes and flew them in the yard.
  • Wilma’s class have lovely literacy stations running at the moment, and Wilma would like to thank the parents who are helping out.
  • Jayne’s class are weaving gorgeous bands, and are all very chilled in the process.
  • Aileen’s class are enjoying our Chrome Books, and are researching animals.
  • Ciara’s class are making lovely art and have a stunning tree on their door.
  • Fiona’s class have done canal projects and they are brilliant.
  • Cian’s class are coding on the new Chrome Books, and are peer mentoring one another also. Thanks to the Coder Dojo Club for making this happen.
  • Ciaran’s class have completed projects on Iran and they are well researched and very informative.

WELL BEING WALK: The 5000 Steps to Wellbeing Walk takes place in UCD at 2pm on Sunday 7th October. The walk is approx. 4km in length and is an opportunity for everybody to learn about the Five Ways to Wellbeing whilst also having a lovely walk in the UCD Woodlands. Everybody must register for the walk online using this LINK

THANKYOU TEACHERS – Today is World Teacher Day. On behalf of the management of the school, and from the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank the staff for their endless commitment and passion. Without them our school wouldn’t be where it is today. Working in a developing school is a great experience but also demands a lot of dedication, extra work, adaptability and grá. It is a privilege to work with the team – thank-you one and all.

Our staff wore yellow today to show solidarity with teachers across the country, who do not receive equal pay. As you see our wardrobes do not live on the yellow side of the colour wheel – Enjoy the weekend !

Dermot & Staff