NEWSLETTER 05.04.2018

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

5 YEAR PLAN: Our school is completing its fifth year this year and management are in the process of writing a new five year plan for Canalway Educate Together. This is a road map for the school, and we shall be engaging with the parents at a workshop evening on May 30th 2018 at 19.30hrs. We will be considering what our vision is for our school and we will be gathering together under headings such as Ethos. Accommodation, Communication, Structures etc. Working groups will arise from this, and it will be facilitated by Deirdre O Donohoe, from Educate Together.

MUINTIR DAY: Our school will be celebrating Muintir Canal Way on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of May from 10.30-12.30. It is a day to celebrate older people in our lives and invite them to visit our school, have a chat and share in our learning. Children are invited to ask a Grandparent, parent, aunt/uncle, a family friend etc. to share in this special morning. We have split this over two days and the schedule is as follows:

Thursday 18th May

Junior Infants Fiona

Senior Infants Jenny

First Class Simon

2nd Class Aileen

4th/5th/6th Doireann


Friday 19th May

Junior Infants Niamh

Senior Infants Aodan

First Class Cian

Third class Ciarán


We will welcome the visitors to our school at 10.30. They will then go to the child’s classroom for a chat followed by a joint assembly. Tea and coffee will be served after this until finish at 12.30. If it is a case that your child has sibling and their visitor can only come one of the days we can facilitate that the child would join in on their sibling’s day. Children also went home today with some research to do over the break which we would love to display on the day so please check the bags! If anyone would like to give any photos to display on the days please direct them to Hazel.

GARDEN UPDATEOur trees have been cut, so the garden looks brighter and is safer also. Our hens will be staying until the end of the school year. EVERYONE is delighted.

CALENDAR 2018 / 2019 Our school calendar on the home page is now updated until July 2019.

SCHOOL CLOSURES: School is closed for midterm break next week, and shall reopen on the 14th of May.

FAREWELL & THANKS TO OUR STUDENTS: Our student teachers are finished today, and we would like to thank them for all their hard work and for the care that have shown the children. It is a pleasure as always to host students from DCU annually – thanks to the whole school community for giving them our Canalway Welcome.


CLOTHES DRIVE Thanks to everyone who brought contribution for our clothes drive this week. It was a great success, and this is an initiative we plan to repeat a few times per year. We raised over two hundred euro this time.

SPONSORED WALK The children will be doing a sponsored walk during school on May 31st, as part of Active Schools Week. Historically, this has been our top fundraising activity in the year, so it’s an important event! We will need volunteers on the morning to help make the walk possible. Please contact [email protected] or your Class Rep to let us know if you’ll be able to help out. We will be in touch with the details of what the money will be spent on – Management are considering a few options at present. The Student Council are also consulting with the students for ideas to keep the event fresh and exciting, as well as slightly annoying !!

Enjoy Your Break,