NEWSLETTER 05.02.2015

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

PARENTS ASSOCIATION – would like to thank all who have volunteered so far to help out at our disco for the students and their families on 28th February (4-6pm).  The disco will take place in our school hall.

Pricing – €5 for one child, €8 for two children, €10 for a family of 3 or more.

The Parents Association would be delighted to hear from any other parents who feel they could help us out.  In particular, a volunteer who will be DJ for the event. Contact Irenie at [email protected] if you can help out.  Many thanks as always – PA Association

ETHOS: Children will be learning about Charles Darwin and his work over the next few school days. This is to mark his birthday on February 12. We will be having Chinese New Year celebrations next week, and parents shall be helping out with activities and art next Thursday.

PHILOSOPHY: Fiona’s class and Wilma’s class have been discussing metaphysics this week, and we have had some great thoughts around ‘nothing’ and ‘living things’. Aodán’s class read The Giving Tree, and thought about appropriate relationships between human kind and nature. Hazel’s class will be discussing something on Friday.

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL: We are delighted to announce that Fiona has been appointed as the Deputy Principal of Canal Way Educate Together. Congratulations Fiona.

POD: You will have received your data forms from our school today. Please return to the school.

BIKE SHED: Please keep the bike shed gate closed if you are last to leave.

Have a great weekend,