Canal Way Cycle Bus Pilot (3CB)
April 2022

As an urban primary school with short distances to the surrounding catchment areas Canalway ETNS
is ideally situated for a cycle bus. Originating from the Netherlands, cycle busses aim to provide a
safe cycle route for primary school children and promote active living. In Ireland, the Galway Cycle
Bus is regarded as a very successful parent initiative, but in the last year also Dublin City Council
started to support the foundation of cycle busses (Irish Times).


Proposed Route and Fridays
Based on an earlier survey, we have already indicative routes from Inchicore and Crumlin. Yet, we
require a full update on demand. The proposed routes are subject to change and revisions would
consider demand, safety and feasibility. Bus stops are envisaged at key junctions and safe waiting

Initially, we are proposing to start with Fridays and gradually increase frequency.

Estimating demand and seeking volunteers

In this first step, the aim is to estimate demand and seek parent volunteers. For the route planning
we would require precise location data of pupils’ addresses. For instances, the final route can
include minor detours to meet high demand in certain streets and bus stops would be designed
around areas of high demand. Moreover, it is recommended to have a pool of about 15 volunteers
who act as cycle bus marshals, while the recommended minimum is 4 marshals at any one time. The
following link to the google from asks for your name, contact details, address, number of children
cycling and volunteering capacity. At this stage we only want to gather some basic information and
you can opt-in or out at any time. Please fill out the survey if you are interested in cycle busses along
other routes and these could be considered when expanding the cycle bus service.
Canalway Cycle Bus Survey:

Indicative Timeline
Survey deadline 29 April
Parents meeting 3-6 May
First pilot May

About us
We are a group of parents who walk, scoot or cycle most of the days for drop off and collection
times at Canalway. With the cycle bus we want to give our kids and their peers regular and safe
means to go to school.

Please get in touch if you have further questions via [email protected].
Stephan and Simon

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