Welcome to this weeks newsletter

PHILOSOPHY: scroll down the news feed to listen to recordings of Aodán’s facilitating philosophical thoughts and discussions. The children sound charming – you will agree. Thanks Aodán.

TEACHING AND LEARNING: We have trialled and are now introducing Bua Na Cainte, an interactive ICT based Gaeilge programme. It is going down very well in the classes.

STUDENT CONFERENCING: We will be facilitating our annual student conferencing during the week commencing 25th April 2016. Your class teacher will be in touch this week with your time. Parents / Guardians are invited into the class at the start of the day, for 20 – 30 minutes approximately. Your child will facilitate a conference with you at their desk, where they will show you their work, tell you about their school day, and what they like to do. It is a very enjoyable morning, and was noted in our Whole School Evaluation Report as being a very successful initiative in our school. We will be in touch next week with times and dates for each child.

INTERNET SAFETY: As the school is maturing, we will be raising this item more and more. We have drafted a mobile phone policy which will be finalised in the coming weeks. Children Please be vigilant with your child and their internet usage. A good website for parental advise is www.webwise.ie

NEXT YEARS ENROLMENTS: Please inform us ASAP if you are not returning next year.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT: Our board of management met last week. Items discussed to follow.

WORLD AUTISM DAY – Last Sunday was World Autism Day. I came across this video – please view.


Please enjoy the rest of the weekend,

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