Building. The Board is delighted with the building work for the cabins, and sends congratulations to the
team. We hope the children and teachers will really enjoy their new rooms!

Changes to Covid notification guidelines. As you may have heard, the latest HSE policy recommends
that schools no longer notify the school community about positive Covid cases. There is no longer contact
tracing, closing of pods etc. However, in the interests of our school community and the more vulnerable
members among families, the Board has decided that the school will continue to notify parents about Covid-
positive cases in a class. It’s important that everyone keeps up the preventative measures, and of course, if
you suspect your child may have Covid, please keep them at home and let us know. The Board will review
the situation regularly.
The recommendations state: “From a public health perspective there is no clinical need for information to
be shared with contacts of cases, therefore Public Health do not recommend that you tell parents of other
children that there has been a case of COVID 19 within your class / facility / group. Any sharing of health
data is therefore is not being undertaken on the advice of Public Health and under the Infectious Disease
Regulations, as it will have been to date … We note that information often gets shared by certain groups
(WhatsApp etc) and remind of the importance that an individual’s confidentiality is not broken by others,
in line with normal GDPR requirements.” The full document is available here: https://www.cpsma.ie/wp-
content/uploads/2021/09/FAQs-for-changes-to-contact-tracing-for-children-23.9.21-PDF6604.pdf )